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Although itineraries and transport options are covered, this guide gives you all the practical information for living and working here. Not only will you get tips on where to go and what to do, you'll find out how to get set up with your bank account, tax number and phone so you can save time asking all the usual questions, and hit the ground running.

I've been a packpacker in New Zealand, and now a resident - benefit from our insiders tips for backpacking in New Zealand letting you live like a local on a backpackers budget ....

This book gives you detailed information that you won't find in Lonely Planet, Footprint or other guides!

  • Over 120 pages of quality information with no nonsense.
  • When to travel, and all the budget airlines.
  • Visa options - even if you think you are too old for a working holiday visa - there's one you can get right up to your 36th birthday - regardless of whether you have had a working holiday visa already!
  • How to hire a campervan for free!
  • If that doesn't work for you : hiring a campervan from $10 NZD a day!
  • How to buy your car or campervan and maximise the chances of getting your money back I owned a car and it only cost me $30NZD a week! That's cheaper than renting!
  • Best money saving tips - from food shopping to stocking up your campervan.
  • Buses from $1 per journey? That's covered too.
  • Discounts, discounts and more discounts - Find out how the locals save money. This is just as applicable for you - get access to up to 80% off attractions, save money on travel and transport and find out where to get massive discounts on everyday items.
  • Buying books at Kiwi prices? No way. How to get books delivered for UK prices - you won't even have to pay shipping!
  • How to get your bank account, tax number and phone set up on your first day!..saving your time to enjoy your first few days.
  • Best Insurance - even if you have only booked a one way trip! Including a special exclusive bonus offer discount!
  • Must do attractions around the whole island - including free alternatives to expensive tours.
  • Where to access FREE WIFI (this is not common in New Zealand!)
  • How to use social media to save you up to 20% off campervan hire
  • How to eat out and socialise in good places, on a backpackers budget! You deserve a treat sometimes right?
  • Where to find cheap flights for a short trip Flights to Australia from $90 NZD!
  • Seasonal Jobs - how to find fruit picking and ski jobs... and when to do to it
  • Hostel Networks - the best ones, and are discount cards really worth it?
  • Volunteering? That's covered for you too - including a brand new resource.
  • Renting your own apartment - where to look and what's required to get a home of your own.
  • What to watch for when booking the Great Walks.
  • The best city for YOU to base yourself in - for jobs and quality of life. Auckland? Christchurch? Wellington?
  • FREE Things to do - in the major cities.
  • Best ways to meet local people.
  • Like New Zealand a lot? Tried and tested tips for making your Skilled Migrant visa application easier
  • No padding or double line spacing to make the ebook seem bigger.
  • No useless information cut and paste from traditional guide books.
  • No hype - just quality information you won't find in other guides.

All for less than the cost of a night in a hostel and a drink!

"I'm a Kiwi and I never knew half the money saving tips in here! ..."

"I grew up in Auckland and live in Wellingon and this guide book introduced me to loads of local's tips I never knew about - I'm a Kiwi and I never knew half the money saving tips in here!"

John Bruce

"Saved us a fortune, and we ate in style..."

"The amount of money saving tips in here saved us a fortune, and we ate in style. We managed to eat out in nice restaurants without blowing our budget, treat ourselves with 70% on spas and loads more. A good meal was a welcome change from pasta in the van."


"I wish I knew all this about the different backpacker adventure tours before my trip..."

"When I was backpacking in New Zealand I ended up on a tour with loads of people I never got on with and it kind of ruined my trip to New Zealand. I wish I knew all this about the different backpacker adventure tours before my trip, then I'd have booked one more suited for me."

C McDermott

If these testimonials don't convince you this book is worthwhile, then I will. I am so confident that the information in this ebook will save you time and money that I'll guarantee it. YES, that's right - if you don't like this book you can get a FULL REFUND within 60 days of purchase.

All you have to do is email me. No questions asked.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have personally used all the information in this book to make my life easier in New Zealand when both backpacking and living here. It's saved me hundreds of dollars. Even in the week I write this I've saved over $100 on eating out, buying groceries and taking part in activities. There are loads more ways to save using the information in this book and it will save YOUR TIME as well as YOUR MONEY.

You will not find out most of the information in this book from other backpackers. Remember - I LIVE HERE!

Forget about all the boring stuff like banks accounts, tax numbers and SIM cards - you'll get them out of the way in your first day. You'll get more time to explore and have fun. If you add up all the different ways to save your money from day to day purchases, how to buy a better car or van and increase your price on resale, discounted and free ways to hire a campervan you could buy this book many times over and still save.

It's not all about the money either. The information in the book will avoid you having to ask the same questions as everyone else, and other visitors will think you've been here many times before - YOU'LL BECOME THE "LOCAL".

Although this book is worth a lot in money saving alone, regardless of the rest of the advice, it has been reduced by $10 for a special launch period to ONLY $24.97!

This is nothing in comparison to the amount of money I've spent in New Zealand whilse gathering all this information.

Not only this, but you'll get access to FREE updates for 12 MONTHS! Even if you only use one tip it will likely get your money back and more.

Get Instant Access To The NEWEST and BEST Backpacking Guide to New Zealand

YES I want to save my time and money and have insiders access to information and money saving tips not available in other guides.

I understand that I will get instant access and a full refund if not satisfied.

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Darren Craig

P.S. Remember you won't find this information in Lonely Planet, Froders, Footprint or other guides.

P.P.S. You have nothing to loose. You will get a FULL REFUND if you are not satisifed.

Disclaimer: The above points are a factual representation of savings that I have personally made using the information in this guidebook. How much you save will depend on how you use the information. Even if you don't use the money saving tips, you should find benefit in the other information presented in this book..

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